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Manicure is one of the most popular procedures done in any beauty salon. Classic manicure and pedicure have become common among female users. This conventional care is first aid and fast effective way to get rid of dead cuticle cells and side skin around nail, callosities and corns. Besides that, modern women are willing to get more than just regular care. So what trends in this sphere are popular today? A modern woman always suffers from the lack of time for taking care after her appearance. And often customers visit beauty salons just to relax what is very important and desired in this stressful environment. Regardless whether this is a business lady or a housewife. In professional's chair she receives pleasure just from one thought that finally she found time for herself if she is always busy.

SPA is a technology created to relax the customer, to keep and continue the results of manicure and pedicure, avoid nail peeling and strengthen weak nails. SPA is a technology that has all the chances to substitute traditional methods of nail service. If a customer needs to remove cuticle using the instrument, it has to be done. And also everything should be done to improve the skin condition to make your life easier in the future.

SPA technology offers delicate treating of cuticle and side skin around nail using stone pumice and devices for softening and removing cuticle. Usually the ones that contain fruit acids, lanolin and similar components.

So what role does SPA technology play in practical work of manicure and pedicure master?

According to biological skin's functions any systematical damage causes fast regeneration. Professionals use "scrubbing" in SPA technology in another world - soft callosity removing that doesn't cause strong regenerating response. Now you don't have to clean and remove the callosity regularly. SPA almost doesn't have the threat of catching infection as it doesn't have deep epidermis damage and there is no sharp instrument. Well-attended hands look great with gel or acrylic either with nail design or without it. SPA preparations encourage normal nail growth that helps gel and acrylic hold better. To make hand skin younger and more attractive SPA takes care of full hands' and feet surface to the elbows and calves.

SPA is not only perfect effect but also pleasure and gratitude to your master.

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