About gel nails and How to take care of gel nails?

Nail extension is not a luxury anymore. Now every woman who wants to have well-attended and attractive hands and at the same time be secure about her health can afford this beauty.

As due to science and modern technologies, materials which do not damage an own nail, are not toxic and don't cause an allergy were created and moreover, they improve the structure of the nail and prevent from fragility and over-softening. The nails extension eliminates so many troubles connected with nail care and also the necessity to conceal the blemishes of natural nails. Thanks to such a simple procedure hands will have a perfect well-attended look with no extra efforts. Besides, there is no need in buying expensive long-staying on nail polishes as on the gel surface any polish even the cheapest looks great and stays longer. Or you can even stop using nail polish as extension gives nails natural and healthy look and shine, hiding unevenness and defects.

There are a few rules you should follow to look after extended nails:

First, for the first nail extension it is very important to choose the right nail shape and length. It should be comfortable especially if you are not used to long nails. That is why the best choice will be approximately 1 cm.

Second, to keep up the attractive look of your nails you will need a regular correction. The frequency of this procedure depends on the nails' condition and growth, usually 3-4 weeks.

Third, it is better to do manicure a few days before correction or extension than on the same day. As during nail filing it is easy to damage cuticle. Despite extended nails being very hard they still need a gentle care. So please be careful with sharp things and don't touch hot surfaces with your nails, regularly clean them from dirt and dust and then your nails will be admired all the time.

About Uv Gel

This material for nail extension has appeared much later than acryl. It unlike acryl hardens under ultraviolet rays and that is why it should be dried in a special lamp during the extension. Two methods could be used during the extension - tips and shapes. And in general uv gel has a lot of advantages. It is more elastic than acryl and it means that the nails look more natural and their surface is shiny. It gives a possibility not to cover them with polish. You should also pay attention to the fact that the gel doesn't have an unpleasant and sharp smell that is very important for people who have allergic reactions. And finally, one of important things is the fact that gel dries in ultraviolet lamp what prevents from spreading and development of fungus.

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