French manicure

French manicure, photo 2

Lately French manicure has become very popular. It looks elegantly in any situation and suits any style and color of clothes. How to do French manicure right? When you are doing this kind of manicure you should concentrate on a nail tip. Using a thin brush the nail part that sticks out is painted in white color. It is usually not very long. To make the nail tip white you could also use white cosmetic pencil.

The surface of a nail is covered with clear or pearl nail polish that is why the nails with this manicure look very gentle.

French manicure, photo 3In a classic variant a line separating the nail tip is being made exactly in the shape of smooth half-circle. But there are other variants. It is possible to do a triangle line. Besides the original look of a nail, you also make it look visually longer. Today you can see French manicure decorated with different designs. For example, the decoration with strasses makes the nail look even more incredibly and the underlying of separating line with golden or silver paint will add some elegance.

The traditional French manicure with white tip is being substituted with the manicure that includes colorful tips using nail polish and nail paint.

Very often French manicure is being used as a variant of wedding design.

In spite of the opinion that French manicure is not in anymore, I can confidently say that this will never happen. Because this is classics and classics will always be trendy.

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