How to extend nails at home with Neways Gel?

In order to make a quality gel nail extension at home you will need to know some rules and peculiarities of uv gel nail extension. Sometimes women extend their nails at home but ignore taking the learning course and face a problem of gel peeling. Gel might separate from the nail creating a gap between nail and gel. The reasons of such peeling can lie not only in the wrong nail preparation (wrong nail polishing).

To prepare your hands you should pay attention to three main requirements:

  • you should use hand lotion the day you want to try uv gel nail extension. The thing is that skin cells don't absorb all the substances that a lotion contains. In some time after extension "the substances" are pushed out and the gap is formed between nail and gel
  • before the extension you should remove the cuticle very properly
  • don't try extension one day before your period or during it

Besides that, the gel can peel off if you take antibiotics or hormonal preparation, sometimes even during pregnancy. But these reasons are very individual.

Proper preparation before applying gel is very important as well. You should polish (lift the fluff) the nail surface to get rid of glossy spots especially in cuticle area. But you don't have to press hard on the nail file. The cuticle area is the most sensitive and can be easily deformed. If you see the nail layers that are peeled off, you should file them off.

Steps of extending crystal uv gel nails:

  • 1. Form the free nail edge.
  • 2. Fold the cuticle (using the little spade, lift it and enfold inside).
  • 3. Polish the nail.
  • 4. Put on a stencil (it has to fit tightly to the nail)
  • 5. Apply one layer of the gel (very tightly) on half of your own nail and go on until you reach the desired length on the stencil.
  • 6. Dry for 1 minute in ultraviolet lamp for firming the gel.
  • 7. Apply the second layer covering the whole surface of the nail, leaving the distance of 3-4 mm to cuticle.
  • 8. Dry for one minute.
  • 9. Take off the stencil carefully.
  • 10. Use the file to give the nail the desired form.
  • 11. Apply a lot gel on the brush and then apply it on the nail center and stretch in different directions to create a hump in the center.
  • 12. Turn the palm upside down for a few seconds.
  • 13. Dry for 3-4 minutes (in a regular position).
  • 14. Using the file give the nail final form.
  • 15. Apply the last thin gel layer.
  • 16. Wait until it is completely dry.
  • 17. Cover with ultraviolet (to avoid the nails getting yellow).
  • 18. Apply lotion on hands (you can add the aroma oil)

UV Gel Nail Extensions step by step

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