Technology of nail extension: gel and acrylic extension

uv gel or acrylic nail extensions, foto

There are so many nail extension technologies in the world. Acrylic and gel technologies are considered the most popular. Uv gel nail extension is one of the modern extension technologies. Gel is the special material that becomes hard under the effect of ultraviolet rays and creates a firm coverage on the nail. Fake nails, made due to gel technology look very beautiful and natural: right after hardening the gel turns into perfectly and glossy layer.

The gel lets the moisture and metabolism products in and doesn't destroy biological system of your own nail letting it breathe (sometimes gel is even called "the breathing polymer"). The ultraviolet rays omitted by the lamp prevent the development of fungus diseases and have a positive effect on a nail plate. These peculiarities along with universal biology ingredients that don't cause irritation make gel one of the best extension materials in the world.

Gel nails are extended on tips (special plastic material that sticks to the free nail edge), or shapes (special paper, plastic or metal stencil that goes under the free nail edge) or to the natural nails. If you just want to give more elegance and healthy look to your own natural nails, you can easily ask the master to apply gel to them in the way that will give them a stunning look.

Regardless of the fact that gel is pretty firm material you should learn to be careful with gel nails and avoid direct strokes. If that happens, the nail can have a crack and you will have to replace it.

Acryl is a powder that becomes a thick substance (acrylat) that hardens fast in the air while mixed with the monomer (special liquid). Acrylic nails are usually extended on the shapes and the master should apply the acrylat pretty fast as it hardens in 1-2 minutes. After that the nail is modeled with a file and polished. If the work is qualitative, acrylic nails look just like real ones and with special additions it is easy to regulate nail color.

Acrylic nails are harder and cheaper than the gel ones but they do have their disadvantages: the acryl contains metaacrylic and acrylic acids that might cause a skin irritation and will make your own nails weak and fragile. Moreover, during the extension process you will have to put up with the unpleasant smell which acrylat gives off.

It's up to you which technology to choose. Attractive nails can be made by using both gel and acryl and the quality of these nails depends on many factors: on materials, on the structure of your own nails, on the difficulty of the modeled shape and finally on the qualification of your master. Good luck with your choice!

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