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The beauty industry presents a huge selection of materials and ways of nail design. The result depends only on specialist's imagination and proficiency. Nail art is reminding a separate art direction. Long nails give an opportunity to illustrate not only traditional patterns but the whole thematic pictures and miniatures. So nobody dares say that this is not an art piece.

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Nail art design

Till today nail art using the paints on water or polish base still remains quite popular. Different kinds of brushes exist with this purpose. There are so many pictures for nail design it is hard to count them. Some masters apply the picture to a nail when the polish is still not dry but the others use plexus or "marble" technique. Art masterpieces that will decorate your nails will be the result of your or specialist's imagination.

You can use strasses, glitters, dust, foil, stickers and decorative threads. Strasses are the imitation of valuable jewels that are made of glass, crystal or plastic.

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They could be of different sizes and colors but anyway would complete the pattern and add elegance to it. Using little feathers in nail design has become new and interesting decision. The free feather edge should be longer than the nail edge. You can complete such composition with glitter or strasses. This kind of design is perfect for those who want to impress everybody with their extravagancy but unfortunately this beauty will stay only for one evening as the feathers do not hold well.

One of the latest nail art trends is photodesign. Using such interesting method you can decorate your nails with picture copied from magazine or photo. Ladies that follow the fashion now have a chance to decorate their nails with celebrities' portraits or own ones.

nail pircing photoNail piercing

Lately nail piercing has become very popular and is absolutely painless. Using a special drill for piercing you can place the decoration in the nail growing edge. It can have the shape of the ring or the nail. Piercing decoration works better for extended nails. While drilling the natural nail you risk to exfoliate or damage your nail that is why before the procedure it is recommended to strengthen your nails with self-firming or light-curing method. Usually the little finger or annularly nail is pierced to avoid any inconveniences.

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Acrylic Design

Volume patterns sculptured from acryl are becoming more and more popular. The technology of such design is very similar to nail extension but demands professional skills from the master. Because using acrylic nail modeling a specialist can create wonderful flowers, castles and even human figures. Here the imagination is beyond the limits. There is a large set of colored acryl for such purposes. Besides, you could add some glitters there to make the composition look more attractive.

Though such kind of design is pretty time-consuming. You can't call it casual so this acrylic modeling is mostly done for weddings or other special occasions. To save the time you can use acrylic shapes off the shelf. This kind of design gives a chance to combine different kinds of materials. For example, in that case you can easily combine gel nail coverage with acrylic modeling.

aquarium design photoAquarium design

This kind of Nail Art has become pretty popular among the owners of extended nails. Its technology requires the pattern applied to clear tips to be covered with layer of gel. It gives the effect of the pattern looking like it is under the glass. That is how this design got its name. Among its advantages there is not only fabulous beauty but also a longlasting result. The picture will stay on nails until the next correction.

Nail Art is one of the dynamic and fast-developing kinds of art. It goes in pace with time. Almost every day you can hear about some hot new things in the sphere of nail art and the methods that already exist don't stop improving.

Liquid Stones Nail Art using UV Gel

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