Extensions using Shapes (forms)

nail extensions using forms, foto

One of modern ways of nail extension is extension done using shapes. It is a special material that should be attached to the free nail edge making a base on which a modeling material (gel, acryl) is applied. After applying the material the shape is removed and the extended nail is given a special form and polished.

The most popular shape type is the one that could be used only once and is a combination of thick paper and foil. It is very convenient to work with them as they are pretty flexible and cheap. The reusable shapes are usually made of plastic or teflon. The forms are good for having the scale with numbers that match the particular nail length. It is convenient to use these numbers while applying the material. Usually these forms are used when it is difficult to choose tips for s special nail. They are also used during the correction of splits or breakings.

Some people think that using forms for nail extension is more difficult than using tips but this is not true. Everything depends on the master's qualification and his or her preferences. It is also wrong to think that nails extended with the help of forms are stronger than the nails extended with the help of tips. Before the extending the master should estimate right the nail condition to choose the right technique. Usually it depends on nail shape and the condition of nail plate.

UV Gel Nail Extensions step by step using shapes

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