Nail Extensions using Tips

nail extensions using tips, foto

The nail extension using tips is the most popular. The word "tip" in translation from English to any language means the "edge". In modern explanatory dictionaries the word "tips" has the exact meaning - "fake nail".

The first tips were made up in the middle of 50's by Fred Slack, a dentist from Philadelphia. During his work he damaged his nail. Right after that Fred took a piece of foil and made a little shape that reminded a nail, he applied the sealing material over it. The pain has gone away at once, and his own nail grew back pretty soon and was completely restored.

Tips are usually made of plastic and are used to make a nail longer. Before the extension the nails are filed and the tips are glued on the top covering approximately one third of nail bed. Every nail has a special channel that is smeared with glue. A regular kit includes tips of 10 sizes. After the tips are being glued the nails are given form and needed length, the bumps are being removed and the very tips and the free nail surface are filed to stick better to the material (for example, with the glue) and the material is applied on the surface.

For the first nail extension the masters usually prefer tips (shapes - as the tips alternative). First, the nail should be given the desirable form. Second, tips already have the even shape and it only has to be corrected. And finally, when a customer has very short nails, it is much easier to glue the tips than adjust the shape (form).

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