Answers to questions about nail extension

  • 1) How long does the procedure of nail extension last?
  • 2) How long can you wear extended nails?
  • 3) What is a correction and why do you need it?
  • 4) Can you try nail extension during pregnancy?
  • 5) What is better for extension: gel or acryl?
  • 6) What is the difference between extension on tips and forms?
  • 7) Is nail extension dangerous?
  • 8) How to take care of extended nails?
  • 9) Can people who have a tendency to allergy extend nails?
  • 10) What is aquarium design?
  • 11) How to remove extended nails?
  • 12) Do nails become weaker after extension?

1) The procedure of nail extension lasts in average 2,5 -3 hours. The procedure can last longer if to take into account designer work and its complication.

2) If the materials for extension and the nail length (the absence of breakings and traumas) are chosen correctly, if a customer follows the rules of hand and nail care and under the condition that the corrections are being made properly and in time (with no technologies violation) such nails can be worn pretty long. For example, I haven't removed my nails for 2 years.

3) In time artificial nail surface begins to grow back together with your own nail, during correction the professional fills grown nail part with gel and also corrects nail length and growth. Correction should be done every 3-5 weeks. Everything depends on natural growth of your nails.

4) During pregnancy nail extension is allowed but there is personal intolerability especially in first trimester. You should consult a professional.

5) Acryl is pretty hard material and it is easier and faster to work with it. You don't need an ultraviolet lamp for it.

  • Disadvantages - acryl has sharp unpleasant smell - not the very acrylic powder has an odor but liquid or monomer with which the powder is mixed for polymerization.
  • The dust in a work process can cause irritation and allergy.
  • Acryl can't be applied on damaged or injured nails.
  • Acryl doesn't let the air in (what is necessary for capillaries that are situated under the nail plate).
  • We do not recommend wearing acrylic nails for a long time.

Gel is pretty sticky material and gel extension is more time-consuming. It dries only in ultraviolet lamp (hands don't get tanned there) approximately 1,5-3 minutes (depends on layer thickness).

Gel advantages:

  • Has no odor and is toxic.
  • Harmless for pregnant women.
  • Doesn't cause allergic reactions.
  • Gel is good for everybody even for people who are hyper allergic.
  • You can wear such nails much longer than acrylic.
  • The nails have shiny surface and look naturally.
  • On extended nails even the cheapest nail polish dries faster and stays much longer than on natural thanks to their artificial origin.

6) Tipsy-gel extension is firmer. But before choosing (forms or tips) the professional has to consider all peculiarities of customer's nails and then recommend what exact extension would be better in this case.

7) Gel extension is not harmful for nails. Actually, a nail is a dead part that serves for protection of fingertips.

The only thing that it needs is the air as under the hard layer of nail there are a rod and capillaries to which the oxygen should be delivered.

The nail structure is spongious (like a sponge) and thanks to that provides easy access to oxygen. Gels including alive polymer have the same spongious structure and that's why they easily let the oxygen in.

Thus a nail keeps its function.

The extension is harmful only when a professional doesn't do the job right, doesn't follow the rules of extension - for example, if the professional files the nail plate during every correction.

After extension even own deformed nail gets the right shape and growth direction in short time.

8) Taking care of extended nails is simple and easy. You wash your hands as usual, use moisturizing lotion (you can also add a drop of ethereal oil for softening and better cuticle care, nail file as needed. It is also recommended to use clear nail polish two weeks after extension. Due to such easy tricks you can provide your nails with fantastic look from correction to correction.

9) If you are talking about materials of "Neways" company I can recommend them as hypo allergenic product. Gels "alive polymer" according to their molecular structure is really similar to a natural nail and that's why even a weak nail or an organism with a tendency to allergy doesn't resist its material.

10) Aquarium design is also called volume design. This is layer by layer technology of decoration (foil, stresses, beads, sparkles, patterns) due to which the illusion of volume can be created. On the outside the nails look smooth and shiny.

11) The nails extended with the help of gel can be only filed that should be carefully done by a professional. That is why you shouldn't do it by yourself to avoid bad impressions after extension. If you remove your nails by yourself, you might think that after extension your nails become worse.

To extend artificial nails the professional has only to remove gel length and volume. As the nail will grow, you will delicately file the free edge.

12) This question bothers all women that have decided to extend nails. I have heard from many women that after extension their own nails became as thin as paper (usually it's women that tried to remove their nails by themselves). Really gel doesn't damage nails. The nails are being damaged from improper preparation for extension or during removing or correction when natural nails are being filed in half. Actually for good gel fixing it is enough to remove shiny nail surface.

Always remove your nails with the help of professional and you will not have bad memories from extension.

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