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Wedding is an unforgettable event in everybody's life so on that great day everything has to be more than perfect. There should not be any unnoticed details at a wedding ceremony, everything has to be accountable and even the smallest things. The guests will admire not only the fantastic dress, wedding rings and delicious cake but also the bride's hands. For that reason the bride should pay much attention to her hands, especially to nail design, length and color as they will be observed by guests all the time.

In order to avoid unexpected situations at the ceremony the specialists advice to try so called rehearsal, meaning that the bride should consult the designer two weeks before the wedding, especially if she is planning some kind of complicated art nail design. The specialist should help you choose the right decoration (crystals, strasses) and tell you how to apply the wedding manicure pattern correctly.

To feel more confident and to get used to the new nail length the extension is made 10 -12 days before the wedding and the correction is made 1-2 days before the ceremony along with the design.

wedding nail design, photo 2The nail design should match the wedding dress and hair-do. You are to choose the style. The designers will offer you hundreds of different styling variants though the exact wedding designs are not defined. But some certain definitions do exist, for example, the design should be harmonic and elegant element of your general image, it should complete and underline it without ruining it.

Little chains on nails, piercing and strasses are still fashionable and popular as they are sparkling and creating the special mood.

You can choose any nail shape as long as it looks neat and matches your style.

The color and pattern could be very different, use your imagination but be careful not to be excessive... The colors are preferred natural and also peach and pink, light green would look nice too.

Wedding manicure is important not only to the bride but also to the groom as their hands are watched all the time during the ceremony. It doesn't matter whether his nails are covered with clear nail polish as long as they look well-attended.

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